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Compass Learning

Help Special Needs Students Achieve and Grow


Compass Learning offers unique instructional materials and learning aids to help special needs students reach their fullest potential. The K–12 curriculum uses an array of sound instructional methods to assist students with various learning disabilities. CompassLearning Odyssey provides highly engaging content, and includes such features as animation, live action, color, sound, and interactivity to advance learning for special needs students.

Comprehensive Assessments

Odyssey’s diagnostic assessments identify skill levels and accurately place students into learning paths that specifically address the individual skills they need to develop. These assessments also allow for better and more effective classroom management and organization.

Prescriptive, Personalized Learning Paths

Odyssey automatically prescribes each student an individualized learning path that consists of engaging activities designed to capture and hold their attention. Working with content that is current, colorful, and dynamic inspires students to be more engaged in the learning process and challenges them to improve with each activity they accomplish.

Reporting Features to Track and Monitor Progress

Keeping apprised of how your special needs students are progressing has never been easier. As students complete Odyssey’s online, interactive activities, the Odyssey management system provides you with real-time, progress-monitoring assessments that document student performance and signal you when instructional adjustments are needed.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Clear, sequential instructions for easy navigation
  • Strong phonetic component approach
  • Adjustable mastery levels for summative and formative assessments
  • Concepts repeated, reviewed, and summarized for clarity
  • Auditory support in reading/math for levels K-8
  • Multisensory activities to engage students
  • Language arts texts printable in PDF, as well as online
  • Feedback to guide students toward correct answers
To find out how Compass Learning can help you engage and inspire your special needs students to achieve and grow, contact us today.