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Compass Learning

Real Situations. Real Results.


When we say that Compass Learning helps improve student achievement, we are speaking from experience. We base our curriculum on the best available research, and we also work with schools and districts to conduct studies and create reports on Compass Learning program effectiveness.

So how effective is Compass Learning?

Studies show not only do Compass Learning programs make a significant impact on student achievement, but also that students and teachers begin to see improvements almost immediately. Significant gains can often be seen in only one school year. Moreover, students utilizing Compass Learning typically outperform their peers on standardized tests.

Below are just a few samples of the results seen by our customers. Explore our many Success Stories and customer testimonials to see even more examples of the positive impact Compass Learning has had on students, schools, and districts—across all grade levels and all subjects. You’ll find that no matter what your students’ challenges, Compass Learning can help them reach their full potential.