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Real-Time Reporting Features


Compass Learning reports summarize a wide variety of student information, allowing educators to dig deeper into individual student achievement. These reports also address community issues outside of the classroom. Options available within each report allow educators to tailor student and district data to address specific issues and shape strategic decisions.

The Odyssey Manager provides teachers and administrators with a tool to monitor student progress and generate data for program effectiveness evaluation. The Odyssey Manager also:

  • Facilitates the import and export of student information and achievement data between Odyssey and the district student information system
  • Automatically generates and assigns differentiated learning paths populated with Odyssey activities tailored for each student based on his or her test scores (prescriptive)
  • Allows teachers to create intervention, supplemental, acceleration, and enhancement instructional sequences for individuals, small groups, or the whole class to match classroom lesson plans, standards, or meet the just-in-time needs of students
  • Contains a searchable database of instructional and assessment items aligned to state standards and Common Core
  • Provides reports that give teachers and administrators up-to-date data about student performance and progress

See how to monitor and report student data with odyssey manager.

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