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Compass Learning offers two award-winning, online K-12 learning solutions, supported by industry leading professional development to empower teachers to understand the needs, motivations, and strengths of every student. With our solutions, teachers can more efficiently and effectively personalize and differentiate instruction and accelerate learning. We leverage our decades of experience and research about the ways students think and learn to deliver solutions that not only ensure students achieve academic success and develop 21st century skills, but also align with State and Common Core State Standards.

Compass Learning Odyssey


In this video overview, we’ll walk you through the key aspects of CompassLearning Odyssey. Odyssey is used to assess a student’s strengths and needs, prescribe a personalized learning path, provide direct instruction with rigorous and engaging content, and simplify the measurement of progress and reporting. You’ll see just how easy it is to start making an impact on student achievement with CompassLearning Odyssey. 

Learn more by visiting the Odyssey page.

  • OdysseyTeachers can use CompassLearning Odyssey to customize and assign both formative and summative assessments to students, based on their learning objectives. Watch this short video.
  • OdysseySee – from a student's perspective – how easy it is to electronically navigate through personalized assessments, interact with teachers, view test results, and get started learning with automatically created learning paths, based on personal mastery levels. Learn More.
  • OdysseyTo help students learn, keep them engaged, and ensure academic success and personal growth, Odyssey provides students with a variety of online, interactive teaching methods, including videos, reading passages, drag-and-drop activities, and interactive conversations. See examples.
  • OdysseyTeachers can quickly and easily monitor student progress toward their individual goals, as well as run, export, and share reports from the Odyssey Teacher Dashboard.  Watch this demonstration.
Renzulli Learning


RenzulliIn this video we’ll walk you through the ways Renzulli Learning prepares students for the 21st century by asking them to apply, deepen, and extend their learning through differentiated assignments that enhance critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Renzulli Learning helps teachers more efficiently and effectively differentiate classroom instruction by aligning resources and activities to the student’s individual interests, learning style, and expression style. Learn more at

  • OdysseyWatch how the Renzulli Profiler™ makes it easy for teachers to ascertain each students' interests, as well as learning and expression styles.
  • OdysseyWatch how easy it is for teachers to preview, select, and add resources to differentiated lessons.