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Create Personalized Learning Paths with NWEA-Aligned Test Results


The ultimate goal of educators is to help students meet challenging academic standards and reach their full potential. Compass Learning and the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) have created a valuable alliance, enabling you to use detailed NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test results to automatically create a personalized CompassLearning Odyssey® learning path for each student.


NWEA’s MAP test is a technology-based, adaptive assessment program that enables teachers to pinpoint the skills and concepts that students have mastered, as well as those requiring additional instruction and practice. Once students have taken the MAP assessment, their results can be imported to the Odyssey management system, which automatically creates a standards-aligned learning path for each student, consisting of activities that address the concepts they need to work on the most.


Personalized learning paths for students are automatically created in three simple steps. First Compass Learning imports test data from MAP. Then learning paths are automatically assigned based on the RIT range—the rounded range of scores within which the student’s score would fall 2/3 of the time if the student took the test again soon under similar conditions. After assigning the learning path, students complete a range of Compass Learning activities, based on decades of research about how kids engage and learn, that is linked directly to their MAP-identified learning needs.


  • Comprehensive adaptive assessments enable educators to identify students at risk of falling behind and intervene to get them back on track.
  • Teachers use data to inform instruction after the initial assessment and throughout the school year.
  • The Odyssey management system uses MAP results to automatically create learning paths of engaging, challenging activities that teach and review concepts while capturing and holding students’ attention.
  • Odyssey’s award-winning curriculum activities are aligned to NWEA RIT ranges, enabling teachers to use Odyssey to differentiate instruction for small groups of students.
  • Odyssey’s spiraled curriculum continually reinforces recently learned concepts while introducing new ones.
  • The Odyssey management system automatically notifies the teacher if a student exhibits difficulty with a particular skill.
  • Data can be aggregated to track the academic growth of a single student, a class, or an entire school over time.