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Compass Learning

Interactive Learning for Middle School Students


If you are a middle school educator, you need a learning solution that is engaging and relevant to a diverse audience, AND one that ensures your students make academic progress while developing personally. At Compass Learning, we understand that it can be difficult to reach every student, especially with limited resources.That’s why our curriculum and content is designed to be entertaining, interactive, and engaging. Teachers who use Compass Learning products are able to simplify classroom management and organization, too.

We offer two online solutions: CompassLearning Odyssey and Renzulli Learning. Odyssey assesses a student’s strengths and weaknesses, and then prescribes a rigorous, personalized learning path for each student, truly making learning a very personal experience. Renzulli Learning allows teachers to identify students’ interests, learning style, and expression styles quickly and efficiently, so they can effectively provide their middle school students with projects and activities that are relevant to each individual.Both solutions align to State and Common Core State Standards.

Compass Learning offers the following:

  • Rigorous and engaging content aligned to with State and Common Core State Standards
  • Curriculum for every level, so gaps can be filled for those who are behind, and acceleration for students who are ready to move ahead
  • Instructional feedback embedded in the lessons to assist students before, during, and after activities
  • Reporting tools to track and measure performance at the student, class, school, and district levels
  • Online deliver that supports blended and virtual learning, as well as simplifies collaboration and parental involvement
  • Automation of administrative tasks to simplify classroom organization and management and give teachers more time to teach and more free time on evenings and weekends
  • On-site, online, and blended professional development to promote teacher success

To discover how Compass Learning can improve academic performance at your middle school, contact us today.