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Maximize Results and Convenience


A broad spectrum of on-site and virtual learning opportunities guides CompassLearning Odyssey® users from foundational knowledge to achieving application, alignment, and school-improvement goals. CompassLearning Impact Teacher Academy® focuses on planning, instruction, monitoring, and data analysis, while striving toward building teacher capacity and student success.

Three core delivery methods — blended, on-site, and virtual — ensure that Compass Learning services fit your schedules and budgets. Multiple delivery model options allow districts and schools to get the most out of CompassLearning Impact Teacher Academy activities, with minimal disruption.


The CompassLearning Impact Teacher Academy blended model provides on-site services when on-site contact is most advantageous, such as sessions that require a large amount of collaborative discussion. Virtual and on-demand sessions allow educators to learn foundational skills without altering their class schedules or incurring substitute teacher expenditures. Additionally, an optional annual subscription to Impact Teacher Academy Online (see below) provides both regularly scheduled sessions and 24/7/365 foundational support on Odyssey essentials. The blended model offers the highest level of convenience and value.


Compass Learning’s implementation managers and facilitators deliver on-site instruction in a classroom setting. Face-to-face support and a hands-on approach from members of the CompassLearning Impact Teacher Academy, as well as the option to access Impact Teacher Academy Online, benefit schools and districts whose educators prefer traditional, high-intensity support.


For districts and schools that want the flexibility to learn as schedules allow, the CompassLearning Impact Teacher Academy's virtual model offers access to support online or via telephone, with the option to enhance implementation with Impact Teacher Academy Online (see below).

Impact Teacher Academy allows you to maximize the benefits of your Compass Learning implementation by providing:

  • A dedicated professional development specialist who works towards your goals
  • Focused training with your district and schools for your unique challenges
  • Expert advice to integrate CompassLearning Odyssey with the instructional goals of your school and district
  • Training for all stakeholders to ensure consistent definitions of success and measurement of goals


Impact Teacher Academy Online expands Compass Learning’s professional learning environment to include regularly scheduled, interactive learning opportunities via the Internet.* A blended, on-site, or virtual Impact Teacher Academy implementation can be enhanced with the powerful combination of elements, including streaming web presentations that model crucial skills and helpful videos to refresh basics such as assessing student knowledge and running reports.

Impact Teacher Academy Online is accessible wherever there is Internet access.* It is an ideal supplement to the core Impact Teach Academy implementations for:

  • Mastering the basics quickly, so time with your assigned implementation manager is more focused on specific integration strategies
  • Providing more learning opportunities between core sessions
  • Introducing new and long-term substitute teachers to CompassLearning Odyssey
  • Repeating and reinforcing exposure to instructional material

*Impact Teacher Academy Online requires access to the video center, registration, a computer with speakers, and access to CompassLearning Odyssey. User systems must meet the minimum use requirements for optimal viewing.