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Inspire Elementary Students to Be Lifelong Learners


As an elementary school educator, you are asked to nurture children’s innate curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, inspire them to constantly seek new knowledge, ensure kids are making academic progress, and maintain other roles that were not part of a teacher’s job a few years ago.

Compass Learning wants to be your partner in achieving your aspirations as a teacher. Together we can help you create a learning environment personalized to the strengths, needs, interests, and learning styles of each child. Combining your passion for teaching with our rigorous and engaging content, rich with activities and hands-on learning opportunities, teachers can inspire young minds to crave more knowledge while also cultivating self-esteem and confidence.

We offer two online solutions: CompassLearning Odyssey and Renzulli Learning. Odyssey assesses a student’s strengths and weaknesses, and then prescribes a rigorous, personalized learning path for each student, truly making learning a very personal experience. The Odyssey reporting and management system simplifies classroom organization, giving teachers more time to focus on learning and more free time on evenings and weekends. Renzulli Learning allows teachers to identify students’ interests, learning style, and expression styles quickly and efficiently, so they can effectively provide their students with projects and activities that are relevant to each individual. Both solutions align to State and Common Core State Standards.

Compass Learning offers the following for elementary schools:

  • Direct instruction delivered through reading passages, manipulatives, videos, and animations that have been written, directed, and produced by master teachers
  • Multi-media interactive activities to not only teach, but review concepts
  • Age-appropriate conversational style that captures and holds students’ attention
  • Glossaries of terms that are pronounced, defined, and illustrated
  • Activities that promote 21st century skill building, including critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity
  • Rigorous content in every subject that is aligned with State and Common Core State Standards
  • Reporting tools to track and measure individual, classroom, school, and district performance
  • Printable offline activities to extend learning
  • On-site, online, or blended professional development to promote educator success

If you would like to learn more about how we can partner to empower teachers, engage students, and ensure academic success and personal growth, contact us today.