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Electives have the power to forge new directions for students’ futures beyond their prescribed coursework. The opportunities are endless when students can make class choices based on their personal interests. Now students will have even more choices with our newest learning solution, which was designed to enhance Odyssey’s already comprehensive offering of web-based curriculum.

Compass Learning offers the following online elective courses:

Art History – What’s the difference between Art Deco and Art Nouveau? How do changes in society affect what is perceived as artistic? Teach your students how to not only appreciate, but analyze art with a critical eye. In this Art History elective course, students will learn about major artists, time periods, and art movements from Prehistoric to Modernism.

Psychology – In this course, students will have the opportunity to study the parts of the brain, learn about different types of behavior, and explore a variety of approaches to psychology, including abnormal psychology. Students will also gain insight on how today’s clinical psychologists treat patients, and obtain a basic understanding of why humans do what we do.

Media Studies – From magazine ads, to newspapers, to social media feeds, to billboards … people are getting confronted with mass media now more so than ever before. The Media Studies online elective course will teach students the history of books, traditional newspapers, television, radio, magazines, and social media, as well as how mass media affects our daily lives. 

Personal Fitness – Teach your students the importance of leading healthy, responsible lives with the Personal Fitness elective course. In this offering, students will be taught a basic overview of human physiology, while also exploring a variety of exciting fitness and exercise methods. This is a great course for the adventurous as well as the health-conscious student.

Renewable Energy – Would you like to teach your students about “going green” and lessening their carbon footprints? In this course, students will realize the importance of renewable energy and how it pertains to sustainability. Students will also explore innovations that make it possible for us to meet increasing energy demands as the earth’s population increases.

Space Exploration – Who was the first person to ever walk on the moon? Who was the first human to ever explore outer space? What type of technology is created for space exploration? In the Space Exploration elective, students will uncover the answers to these questions and also have the opportunity to learn about the history, as well as the future of space travel.

Sociology – In this elective course, students will study the social side of human behavior. Specifically, students will explore the origins and development of societies, and get an opportunity to analyze a wide range of topics, from the clothes we wear to the laws we choose to obey and sometimes break. Other societal issues covered include: gender, class, and race issues.

Marine Biology – Considering oceans make up roughly 70 percent of the Earth’s surface, there is plenty to still be explored and discovered on our planet. Much of the unknowns in nature are underwater, and students will be able to dive deep into topics such as ecology, microorganisms, and the vast networks of life that exists under the sea, from tiny minnows to massive whales.

Health & Medicine – This elective allows students to gain a better understanding of physiology, anatomy, human development, and nutrition. Students who chose to enroll in the Health & Medicine elective will also get to explore health care professions, specifically job duties and college course requirements needed to pursue careers in healthcare.

Paleontology – How long were dinosaurs here before they became extinct? For students who are interested in the prehistoric era, the online elective course, Paleontology, is for them. They will have the opportunity to learn about fascinating creatures – great and small – in this amazing, research-oriented course that sheds light on early life on earth.

If you would like to learn more about Compass Learning's online electives offering, contact us today.