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Make Differentiation Personal


The CompassLearning Odyssey and Renzulli Learning solutions allow teachers to truly differentiate instruction in the classroom. Easy-to-use, robust technologies supported by decades of experience and research into how student’s think and learn, come together to provide instructional resources that empower teachers to personalize learning like never before. Teachers can differentiate based on student interests, expression styles, learning styles, and ability levels.

With Compass Learning solutions, teachers can easily group, manage and teach students in ways that support the unique teaching styles of each teacher and the personal learning needs of each student. Teachers can efficiently and effectively assess, prescribe, instruct, and report, as well as infuse creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving into the classroom. The instructional content provides the rigor required to prepare students for high-stakes assessments, as well as college and career readiness. High-quality, engaging content is presented in formats that provide both concept and skill- development.

Odyssey includes a variety of online formative and summative tools and instruments to provide initial and ongoing individualized progress monitoring and feedback. A variety of reports provide immediate access to assessment data for actionable use in instructional decision making,  evidence of achievement and closing of gaps, and readiness for high-stakes testing. The Renzulli Learning approach to differentiation starts with a simple online tool for conducting individualized strengths-based assessments that identify a student’s interests, learning styles, and expression styles.

Odyssey features that support a differentiated approach:

  • Teachers can make accommodations for individual mastery levels, time for completion of custom tests, and navigation
  • Diagnostic-prescriptive capabilities permit individualization of instruction based on assessment results
  • Instructions and images are clear, allowing for easy navigation
  • Students can set their own pace

Renzulli Learning features that support a differentiation approach:

  • Assignment templates built around several related enrichment activities
  • Super Starter Projects, which offer scaffolded support as students build self-directed, culminating projects that can be shared with a wider audience
  • Unit Supplements, which gather recommended activities for introducing and differentiating a specific curriculum topic
  • Interactive lists that provide opportunities for teachers to search through top-rated, recommended enrichment activities relating to a broad subject or interest area