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Credit Recovery

CompassLearning Odyssey can help to reduce dropout rates by enabling students to recover the credits they need to graduate. In addition, a full K–12 standards-aligned curriculum allows students to recover entire levels in one or more subject areas. Credit recovery has never been easier for teachers and rigorous for students. Compass Learning can be ideal for students who:

  • Are short credits for graduation
  • Are struggling to meet the rigorous academic demands of Common Core State Standards
  • Are falling behind on credits
  • Have previously failed an entire course
  • Are currently at risk of failing a course or part of a course
  • Have previously failed a semester or part of a semester
  • Have missed course requirements due to illness or schedule conflicts
  • Want to accelerate their studies and earn additional credits early

Students needing credit recovery simply log onto CompassLearning Odyssey and take a summative assessment that is aligned to State and Common Core Standards. The Odyssey program will automatically prescribe personalized learning paths that cover sections of the course they haven’t mastered. Teachers can adjust these learning paths and assessments as needed. Students then work through the coursework to earn course credit. Once students have successfully completed their learning path activities and passed the summative assessments required by their school or district, they have recovered their missing credit and are eligible for successive coursework, promotion to the next grade, or graduation. Credit recovery is at your fingertips.


With Compass Learning, students can access the necessary tools and resources for anytime, anywhere credit recovery online. This gives students the opportunity to reinforce the concepts and skills they need to fulfill course requirements—anytime, anywhere.

Compass Learning’s credit recovery process is self-paced and flexible, allowing it to be used in any educational environment such as:

  • Extended day programs (before- and after-school)
  • Between semesters
  • Summer school or extended year
  • Elective periods
  • Independent study
  • Virtual schools


High school dropouts cost school districts millions of dollars each year. With Compass Learning as a credit recovery option, students are less likely to drop out when they know they can focus only on concepts they haven’t mastered to receive credit and graduate. Compass Learning also helps districts retain FTE dollars by employing a single facilitator for all of the students using Compass Learning for credit recovery.