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Covering the Core and Beyond


The Odyssey suite of learning solutions from Compass Learning promotes exploration, cooperative learning, problem solving, reflection, and real-world connections—all while capturing students’ imaginations using the high-tech interactivity and multi-sensory engagement today’s “digital natives” prefer. We offer online learning solutions for the following:


K-5 students are at a critical point in their education. Compass Learning solutions in reading/LA, mathematics, science, and social studies build critical foundations and feature spiraled curricula that provide additional tools for those who need it. For students ready to use higher-order thinking skills, cross-curricular learning solutions teach students to think creatively and analytically both in and out of the classroom.


Compass Learning applies innovative teaching methods within a rich, interactive learning environment —ideal for today’s digital natives— to teach and review concepts. Courses for grades 6–8 solidify students’ familiarity with core concepts while introducing them to more advanced content and setting the stage for more rigorous high school study.


Courses for grades 9–12 can be used for intervention, credit recovery, and remediation, as well as mainstream study and advanced placement. Highly interactive, specialized learning paths can be used for mainstream study, summer school, core, and academic remediation programs. Plus, the flexible online anywhere, anytime delivery works well with teens’ busy schedules.


Compass Learning offers a number of specialized curricula to round out every student’s education, including:

  • Matematicás (K-8) to engage and educate students in both English and Spanish
  • Middlebury Powerspeak12 World Languages (3-12) to help students gain proficiency in Chinese, German, French, Latin, and Spanish
  • Cross-Curricular Solutions (4-7) to teach problem-solving skills
  • English Language Learning (ELL) (K-8) that strengthens reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills
  • AP® classes designed to help prepare students for the College Board Advanced Placement® (AP) Exams as well as the College Level Examination Program®(CLEP®)
If you would like to learn more about Compass Learning's comprehensive curriculum, contact us today.