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Offer Unrivaled Personalization at Your Charter School


As a charter school leader, you have the flexibility to adapt to the educational needs of individual students. But because you serve a wide-range of students with many needs, the “one-size-fits-all” and “drill and kill” educational software offerings don’t provide you the flexibility and innovation you need to engage your students in academic success. That’s where Compass Learning’s digital learning solutions can empower your teachers. Both of Compass Learning’s web-based solutions, Odyssey and Renzulli Learning, can be used – either in congruency or as separate solutions – in a charter school setting offering unrivaled personalized learning and differentiation. Furthermore, Compass Learning offers industry-leading professional development to ensure success. Here’s how:

Assess, Prescribe, and Instruct with CompassLearning Odyssey

  • Odyssey first assesses students’ abilities to help teachers quickly identify individual strengths and needs, pinpoint foundational skill gaps, and even challenge more advanced learners.
  • Once assessments are complete, Odyssey automatically creates an individualized learning path with explicit instructions and learning activities for each student, unique to his or her specific needs and abilities.
  • Direct instruction is then delivered through online reading passages, manipulatives, videos, and animations. Odyssey automatically provides instructional scaffolding and reteaches concepts until mastery is achieved. Additionally, Odyssey content is directly aligned to State and Common Core Standards.

Apply, Deepen, and Extend Learning with Renzulli Learning

  • Students begin with the Renzulli Profiler, an online questionnaire that generates a personal profile of each student’s top interests, learning styles, and expression styles.
  • Once a profile is generated, students and teachers may use it to guide their exploration of the 40,000 online educational resources in the Renzulli Learning database.
  • Students can then engage in self-directed learning by exploring safe, fully-vetted resources that have been specifically matched to their individual profiles.

Provide Teachers with Industry-Leading Professional Development

To ensure our partnerships with educators breed success, Compass Learning offers industry-leading professional development through our Impact Teacher Academy. The Academy provides ongoing education, best practice implementation, and training for teachers and administrators on Compass Learning’s resources and tools to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement, and deliver measureable results.

If you would like to learn more about Compass Learning's suite of web-based learning solutions for your charter school, contact us today.