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Compass Learning

Research-Driven Instruction


For more than 43 years, Compass Learning has stayed up-to-date on the latest educational initiatives, research, and standards to provide pioneering learning solutions for the K-12 market. Today, our solutions are aligned to State and Common Core State Standards, and they continue to reflect the very latest confirmed research about how students engage, think, and learn. As a result, teachers and students across the country are engaged in effective and exciting digitally-based learning experiences!


Decades of confirmed research about how students learn is the foundation for the development and delivery of Compass Learning instruction. Here are a few examples of what we’ve found:

  • Students respond to visuals, emotion, and relevant patterns
  • They retain best when information is presented in a conversational tone—in fact, research shows a 40% improvement in test scores when direct instruction is delivered in a first-person, informal language format
  • Students respond most favorably when they can build upon success
  • When the brain is stressed, it struggles to learn and retain information
  • Students learn best when objectives, content, method, pace, and environment are personalized to their unique learning needs, learning style, personal interests, and preferred expression style

Compass Learning combines colorful, dynamic, and age-appropriate graphics and audio to create an exciting and student-friendly learning environment in which “digital natives” engage. We reduce stress, and enable students to build upon success with spiraled instruction and scaffolded support. And overall, we provide the curriculum and tools teachers need to personalize learning for each and every student. To learn more, contact us today.