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Compass Learning

Empower Teachers, Engage Students, Ensure Success


Compass Learning empowers teachers to unlock every student’s potential for academic achievement and personal growth.


We help teachers better understand the needs, motivations, and strengths of every child so they can personalize instruction and accelerate learning. Educators can more efficiently and effectively reach, engage, and inspire every student with our research-based solutions. At Compass Learning, we not only engage students in learning, we ensure our offerings align with State and Common Core Standards, so you achieve the accountability needed in this day and age.

Compass Learning offers two web-based K-12 learning solutions, supported by industry-leading professional development:

Compass Learning Odyssey
CompassLearning Odyssey
assesses a student’s strengths and needs, and prescribes a personalized learning path complete with rigorous and engaging curriculum. Odyssey also offers educators customized reports to track and measure student, school, and district progress, as well as inform instructional decisions.

Renzulli Learning
Renzulli Learning
prepares students for 21st century success by asking them to apply, deepen, and extend their learning through differentiated assignments that enhance critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Renzulli Learning assignments encourage students to think outside the box and apply what they've learned in engaging activities that match students’ learning style, expression style, and interests.

Impact Teacher Academy
Impact Teacher Academy®
provides professional development for teachers and administrators to effectively use Compass Learning resources and tools to improve student achievement and deliver measureable results.


More than 7,500 schools across the United States use CompassLearning Odyssey and/or Renzulli Learning to personalize and differentiate instruction for students of all ages, abilities, and interests. In the 2011 academic year, nearly 250,000* unique students logged into Compass Learning solutions to advance their learning and personal growth each day.

* Based on data from Compass Learning’s cloud-based systems and estimates of the number of students using on-premise, perpetual licenses.